Before you jump in and correct my spelling, how about we make a short trip through your daily routine?
What is your ideal start of a morning? Some sweet long eyelashes winking at you and a sleepy smile saying ‘good morning to you, there’? Well, that’s a little different than the actual wake-up routine ‘You’ve got mail!‘, is it?
How about taking a shower? I’d bet you might find Pokémons even there…
     How about your morning coffee (breakfast is probably outdated)? Does your laptop have a USB cup heater? Yeah… wait a couple of years more, Google will probably use cookies to store info about how you like your coffee and the laptop will prepare it itself by the time your phone yells ‘You’ve got mail!‘.
The rest of your day looks quite predictable. You and your computer have a long-lasting relationship, spending more than 10 hours a day together. GPS saves the day in case you need to get anywhere else than work, home or the nearest restaurant. You no longer know how money look – we all use cards, don’t we? And there is no life after phone loss, GOD FORBID!
     It is an IT world out there. And there’s not much of a choice: you either LOVE IT or HATE IT (and hide into mountains).
So, if IT rules our lives, why not accommodate the language, right?
Working in this IT industry, employees must have great qualITs. At ITerviews, companies are all looking for ambITious, commITted, posITive, moITvated creaITve people. Team SpirIT and ITegrity are also well appreciated. In the end, they will take IT or leave IT.

Got IT? :)

By the way, remember these old songs?
Living in an IT world
And I am a great IT girl
You know that we are living in an IT world
And yes, I am an IT girl.


I'm a big big girl
In an IT world
It's not a big big thing if you teach me
Some mainframe Cobol…
And I do do feel
That I do do will
Change the IT much
Change IT much…
Yeah… you gotta love IT.