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Closer to the customer

It's been almost 10 years within the company. 10GB… 15GB... 20GB of emails... Who knows? Who counts?

And after all this ‘email traffic’, I got to taste the air traffic. All the way to Phoenix, Arizona.

Among first ten busiest airports in America, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is absolutely stunning. I don't think there was a single time I raised my eyes to the sky and did not see two planes getting ready to land and one more going from the ground to flying in the air. Once it gets dark, there's little magic all around it. The airport building gets alive under so many lights and somewhere above it - somewhere among the starts - you may see the planes glittering: 5, 6 or 10 at the same time. They come and go like they are part of a tireless competition meant to emphasize the charm of this place.

The six lane freeway is a dream come true. Just clap your hands wherever you are and you will find yourself driving on this endless rode that will take you to any destination. Ok, my imagination may have gone a little far with this one, but that's uncontrollable when having such nice roads ahead and such a skilled driver holding the wheel (it would have definitely felt different if I had to drive).

And there we are: the imposing ON Semi office building. The green sign in front, we all know. Pictures and badges. Countless offices and conference rooms. And then the people from all around the world: US, Romania, Slovakia, Philippines, Malaysia, China. Remember all the emails I mentioned? Now, my emails got faces and smiles and stories. And some of them bowl really well. Long meetings were not that long while listening to all those voices that somehow sounded familiar, though some of them I have actually never heard before.

If I read your email now, I can hear you speaking. And I see you smile. J

If someone asks what Arizona is - Arizona is the professional experience I gained. It is the impressive things I have seen. But is it mostly the great people I got to interact with. And of course, it is the breathtaking Grand Canyon. If I knew what a bucket list is before going to Arizona, the Grand Canyon would have been on my bucket list (I will let you figure this one out by yourself).