Oracle is a large network of tools that allows users to create a fluid, integrated data flow for their business. Rather than having one single tool that takes care of a number of different activities. Oracle is specialized in the development and marketing of hardware and software solutions for various companies and organizations.

Data Visualization:



    Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g.

  • QlikView dashboard

    One BI tool that gives you access to all your information from one dashboard and allows you to complete activities without additional elements. QlikView gives users access to their data on an intuitive and simple dashboard.

  • Microsoft OLAP cubes

    Overview of Online Analytical Processing is a technology that is used to organize large business databases and support business intelligence.

Database Development:


  • ETL Development

    Extract, Transform and Load development using the following tools: ODI(Oracle Data Integrator) / Informatica PowerCenter 9.x / OWB (Oracle Warehouse Builder) / PL/SQL development

  • Data Warehouse Modeling (DW or DWH)

    A data warehouse is a system used for reporting and data analysis, and is considered as a core component of BI environment. DWs are central repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources.

    • star or snowflake schema modelling

    • data mart types: atomic / aggregate

    • methodologies based on Ralph Kimball or Bill Inmon

    • experience on large Data Warehouses of over 80 TB in size, spanned across different sectors, like Banking, Gambling, Insurance, and Semiconductor.

  • Bitemporal Data Modeling

    Bitemporal Modeling facilitates the creation of complete audit trails of data. They are mainly used in the Banking sector.

    • The most accurate data possible as we know it now

    • Data as we knew it at any point in time

    • When and why the most accurate data we had changed

  • SQL tuning and ETL performance tuning

DBA related activities:


  • Database Administration & Configuration

    Database Administration & Configuration.

  • Database Upgrade and Migration

    Database Upgrade and Migration.

  • DB Performance tuning

    DB Performance tuning.

  • Data compression mechanism

    Data compression mechanism.