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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is one of the latest technologies, which quickly grows in popularity, gives companies the confidence and flexibility to be visionary and gains consumer’s admiration. VR dynamics is extended even further with our application. You can directly interact with the virtual world through gestures of the remotes. The most realistic effects are obtained, as VR gives you the possibility to create virtual objects that can be animated, to ‘touch’ objects and move them around, change their color or texture.

Creating quality virtual reality, or interactive video experiences take planning. Knowing what to do, and more importantly, what to optimize is critical. We work with each client to make sure their unique vision comes alive with our applications, but the high-quality remains a constant factor in everything we do.
  • Desktop VR applications for ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION with HTC Vive interaction.

    Interactive Architecture can streamline the design process and bridge the communication gaps between architects, constructors, and clients.

  • VIRTUAL TOURS, video presentation and photorealistic images for REAL ESTATE developers

    We offer end-to-end production for your new VR presentation tool, to highlight your next marketing campaign.

    Users of the App can navigate arbitrary through various views including two-floor apartments, where they can view the interior area, as well as the exterior area (building, balcony).

  • Virtual Reality SHOWROOM

    Our desktop application provides photorealistic real-time rendering for your products, with customized integration and info modules. Your products will feel real in the viewer’s hands.

    Benefits: UNLIMITED Showroom Space, PORTABLE: you just need the HTC Vive device and a laptop, you may interact with the product and change its properties (color, texture), products will not be deteriorated or lost

  • VR media content for ENHANCED MARKETING & SALES

    Our solutions are optimized for importing, 3D modeling, and preparing virtual marketing content. Present your projects, products or services on a fully custom VR platform.

    High-resolution VR images (render), 4k VR video presentation, 360 Images for FACEBOOK, Stereoscopic images for GOOGLE Cardboard

    The user's VR experience can be improved with implemented ambient sounds, interactive sounds, and spoken dialog.

  • 360 degrees VIDEOS for ADVERTISING

    According to recent research and surveys, such videos motivate the audience to watch more, interact, and immerse into the action. So using a 360-degree video as a promo is a perfect instrument for advertising.

  • VR application for EDUCATION & TRAINING

    VR is set to revolutionize education: it allows students to simulate, test and understand complex concepts. This is especially useful in engineering when training to work with the automated machine or in medicine when trying to operate on a virtual body.