About Us

ERP Contact is a Romanian company, founded in 2007 and based in Cluj-Napoca, a highly developed IT center which has gained its reputation as the “Silicon Valley” of Romania. The city is also a well respected academic and cultural center.

About ERP contact

With over 13 years of experience in software support and development, we are ready to be the best partner for both our clients and our employees.

ERP Contact is a full-service software support and development company that builds customized software solutions for various businesses. Our main features are the exceptional response speed, the innovative solutions we bring to the table, and also the low cost of the development while still offering an outcome of the highest quality. ERP Contact Office is based in Cluj-Napoca, where you can find our team and the project managers. We work with a remarkably skilled and highly experienced development team in order to ensure the success of the projects we deliver. We make sure these projects get completed within deadlines and that they meet desired standards. Our expertise branches are: Mainframe, Oracle and Web-Based Applications.


We listen to your needs and we talk you through the solutions. We consider you a partner.

Our goal is to build long term relationships with our partners and provide high quality services by pursuing business through innovation and creativity. Every new project is a challenge that brings out the best in us. We use all the knowledge we have and our skills to find not just the best solution, but the right solution for you.


We aim to provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our partners.

By keeping high standards for our own business, we will always deliver high standard answers for other businesses.

ERP contact Founders

Adrian Tot
Adrian TOT - Co-CEO & CFO

Co-founder. I started my career as a software engineer, working in Mainframe environment and technologies in 2005. The same year I obtained my bachelor degree in Automation and Computer Science from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. My passion is to understand how things work and to find ways of making them work better. I am self-motivated, fully committed to team goals and I aim for perfection in everything I do.

Alexandra Onetiu
Alexandra ONETIU - Co-CEO

Co-founder, HR Manager, Project Manager working in the Mainframe environments and technologies since 2002. I have a Bachelor Degree and a Master Degree in Automation and Computer Science from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. I believe that a company’s success comes from setting its employees up to succeed. So I’m helping people reach their full potential by guiding and motivating them, by giving feedback and appreciation and by keeping them engaged with companies mission and objectives. I (try to) build an honest and positive relationship with/within our employees in order to assure a good organizational climate. This makes people happy and more importantly, everyone wins, from employees to company and to customers.

Sorin Martinescu

Co-founder, CTO Manager, Project Manager, DBA and technical support specialist working in the Mainframe environments and technologies since 2002. I am a hardworking person, dedicated to technical knowledge. I have a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and I am self-educated on IMS DB, DB2 and multiple tools under zOS for MVS.

ERP contact amazing Team

"Positive thinking builds our skills, boosts our health, and improves our work"

We are a dedicated team of young professionals with excellent analytical, communication and project management skills combined with solid knowledge of the technical environment as well as of the business applications. This allows us to easily adapt to any environment and technologies. We are one step ahead, we think in the future, we focus on solutions and aim for excellence.